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iLearningHub’s UPCAT Review – Free Diagnostic Test, your competences in each of the entrance exam’s subject fields will be assessed. 

You will be taking your college entrance exams this year. With how competitive the entrance exams for the big universities, you want to prepare as best as you can. With all the advice and tips you will be receiving, you will be quite confused where to start.

Our Diagnostic Test is one step to the right direction! Your result will show your strengths and weaknesses. Once you identified your weak areas, you will be able to focus in strengthening them rather than going over everything.

You can also use our Diagnostic Test to decide in which class to enroll! Depending on your result, you may choose to enroll in a single module instead of getting the Comprehensive UPCAT Review. For example, your result shows that you did well with the rest of the subject areas except for Mathematics. You can then enroll for that subject alone.


Our Diagnostic Test will provide insights on your readiness in taking your entrance exams – you’re first hurdle for college life!


To access our free Diagnostic Test, simply fill up the form and we will send your access credentials within 24 hours.