Mathematics UPCAT Review

Mathematics UPCAT Review


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The Mathematics Online UPCAT Review module is designed to enlighten students on the importance of relearning and mastering mathematical concepts. This module will also improve their computational skills to aid them in solving problems in basic Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry.

To reinforce each lesson in this module,  relevant exercises and tests  are provided.   Additional exercises and practice tests in increasing level of difficulty is also provided to help enhance computational ability and problem-solving skills. 

To get the highest potential score in the college entrance tests,  students get pointers and strategies in answering specific Math test questions.

 Topics covered in this module are:   

  1. Arithmetic

    • Definition
    • Properties of Real Numbers
    • Series of Operations (GEMDAS)
    • Basic Operations of Real Numbers
    • Applications
    • Factors, Prime and Composite, Multiple
    • Scientific Notation (SN) and Exponents
  2. Algebra

    • Definition of Terms
    • Laws of Exponents
    • Roots and Radicals
    • Operations of Algebraic Expressions
    • Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
    • Solving Linear Equation in on unknown
    • Solving Literal Equations for a given variable
    • Problem-solving using linear equations: integer, age, motion, mixture, work
    • Inequality of Problem Solving
    • Graphs of points and lines in Algebra
    • Quadratic Equation
    • Absolute Value Equation
  3. Geometry

    • Basic Concepts and relationships
    • Triangles
    • Circle
    • Quadrilaterals
  4. Special Topics

    • Sets and Venn diagram
    • Statistics and Interpretation of Tables, Graphs and Maps
    • Counting Techniques
    • Probability
    • Sequence and Series
    • Trigonometry


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