UPCAT Review for Qualitative Reasoning

UPCAT Review for Qualitative Reasoning


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The Qualitative Reasoning Online UPCAT Review module has two (2) sub-modules:

  1. Abstract Reasoning

    • Abstract Reasoning or use of non-verbal presentation tests analytical skills in identifying relationships and patterns out of a given set of illustrations or number series. 
  2. Logical Thinking

    • Logical Thinking or use of logic determines ability to arrive at a logical conclusion from given statements or propositions. 

This module is included in the overall preparation for college entrance tests. Most college admission tests such as the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admissions Test) do not have a separate test for qualitative reasoning. 

This test is considered as a general I.Q. (intelligence quotient) test, more specifically a determination of analytical skills, visual and spatial ability and logical thinking ability of a person. Even if considered as an innate ability or special ability, it can still be improved through familiarization and practice by some who need help in this area.

With familiarization with different patterns and sequences and with constant and repeated practice, it is possible to answer most of the questions  in the tests and significantly improve the score in the college entrance test. 

This review therefore provides practice exercises and tests that illustrate and discusses strategies on how to arrive at the right answer.

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