Science UPCAT Review

Science UPCAT Review


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The Science Online UPCAT Review module gives an overview of the different fields of science while emphasizing specific topics and general problems related to each field of study. This review module includes General Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics separately, covering key topics included in the college entrance tests for specific universities.

For all science subjects,  the main objective is to enhance the basic  scientific process skills of observation, inference, classification, evaluation  and analysis which are critical in scientific research and investigation and to broaden scientific knowledge.

Topics covered in this module are:

  1. General Science

    • Scientific Investigation
    • Earth Science
    • Ecology
  2. Biology

    • The Cell
    • The Cell and Its Environment
    • Reproduction
    • Genetics and Heredity
    • The Molecules of Life
    • Evolution of Biological Diversity
  3. Chemistry

    • Matter
      • Physical Properties
      • Physical States of Matter and the Kinetic Molecular Theory
      • Changes in matter
      • Classification of Matter
    • The Atom
      • Atomic Theory
      • Parts of the atom
      • Electronic Configuration
      • Governing principles in Modern Atomic Theory
      • The Periodic Table
    • Chemical Principles
      • Laws of Chemical Combination
      • Chemical Bonding
      • Types of Reaction
      • Gases and Gas Laws
      • Chemical Equilibrium
      • Applications
      • Organic Chemistry
  4. Physics

    • Motion
    • Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion


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